Get Unmatched, Premium-Grade Organic Matcha Green Tea With

What else can I say about besides the fact that it has quickly become one of my most favorite websites to visit each day?


I immediately felt at home when I entered the Enzo Private Selection website. The design was clean and it had the homey appeal that isn’t present in most e-retail shops that I have come across. The unique, delightful products this website offered were neatly arranged on categories- you won’t ever feel lost or overwhelmed.

What’s even better than the amazing website design? The products they sell. They have my favorite drink- organic Matcha Green Tea in 4oz and 8oz packs. I swear, I can’t get enough of Matcha, and thanks to, I would have an endless supply if I wanted to! Plus, their green tea powder is the purest I have ever seen, and tastes even more delicious than I remembered it. Along with the purchase, you get a free e-book on how to create Starbuck’s very own Green Tea Latte and a moneyback guarantee.

There were other products such as meal prep containers, travel neck pillows ( and a natural mosquito repellent bracelets I wanted but have not bought yet. Oh, and have I told you that their customer service is top-notch and world-class?

I made a mistake in ordering the 4oz pack when I really wanted the 8oz pack of Matcha Green Tea here: I contacted their customer service support to change the order and communicated with a friendly lady, who looked like she knew what she was doing in the entire conversation. On the same day the charge was reversed and I was able to place the order for the 8oz package. Delivery was way ahead of schedule, which made me a very happy customer! Suffice to say, they hit all the right buttons a customer would expect. I definitely would order from this website again!